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Secure your spot at the forefront of healthcare innovation. Join the waitlist today to be among the first to receive the DermaSensor device when it becomes available in your area. Elevate your practice with non-invasive, point-of-care skin cancer assessment, empowering you to make informed decisions and set your practice apart. 

  • Elevate your practice with FDA-cleared, AI-powered technology
  • Enhance your skin cancer detection accuracy and confidence 
  • Practice building opportunity with a new skin cancer testing service


Don’t miss out – be part of the next wave in cutting-edge healthcare technology, for an introductory monthly subscription price of $199 (5 patients) or $399 (unlimited users and scans).  No upfront device purchase is required.  Device availability is expected this summer, so join the waitlist now!

Key Features

96% sensitivity for detection across all three common skin cancers1

Proprietary algorithm yields instant assessment.

Ergonomically designed, wireless, and easy to grip.

Always on, ensuring readiness when needed.

Identify lesions suggestive of skin cancer on the patient

Apply handheld DermaSensor device to the lesion and initiate first recording

Five spectral recordings are taken from the skin lesion to complete one scan

DermaSensor’s algorithm analyzes spectral data and delivers assessment in seconds

A result of “Investigate Further” suggests further evaluation through a specialist referral

A result of “Monitor” suggests there is not an immediate need for specialist referral

The Next Chapter in Improved Skin Cancer Detection

Explore functionalities that combine cutting-edge AI technology with non-invasive cancer detection.

Rapid Assessments, Revolutionary AI Technology

Be among the leaders in PCP skin cancer lesion assessments and reserve your DermaSensor device for your office today. 

Know More. Detect Now.

Set your practice apart by being one of the first PCPs in the U.S. to provide non-invasive, point-of-care skin cancer testing. DermaSensor empowers physicians by providing objective, actionable results to aid in skin cancer detection by assessing cellular and sub-cellular features that cannot be seen visually or dermoscopically. 

Software Updates

Algorithm Access

Remote Device Monitoring

Validated, AI-Powered

AI Skin Cancer Detection

Cloud Storage Access

Real Time Customer


DermaSensor’s™ tip reflects and records quick bursts of light off the lesion’s cellular and sub-cellular content.

The light is analyzed by the built-in computer to provide information to help physicians assess skin lesions (including melanomas, squamous cell carcinomas, and basal cell carcinomas) to aid in a referral decision.

By examining the difference in light scattering, DermaSensor™ determines if the skin lesion is “Investigate Further” or “Monitor,” an immediate output.

Elastic Scattering Spectroscopy (ESS) has been validated in 30+ publications on clinical studies. Many studies have shown ESS to provide information that is comparable to histopathologic assessment in the analysis of cellular microscopic structure.

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Waitlist – FL/PA/NY/TX/NJ/CA

Waitlist – FL/PA/NY/TX/NJ/CA