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DermaSensor Crowned by SXSW as the 2024 Innovation Winner for Health and Biotech

MIAMI, March 13, 2024 (EIN NEWSWIRE)— DermaSensor Inc., a leading provider of innovative solutions for skin cancer detection, proudly announces its victory in the SXSW Innovation Award for the Health and Biotech category. This esteemed award recognizes the most groundbreaking advancements in the connected world, highlighting exceptional achievements in technology across various sectors. 

The Health and Biotech category, one of the most anticipated segments of the awards, spotlights revolutionary projects dedicated to enhancing wellness and medicine. DermaSensor’s win underscores its commitment to improving skin cancer detection and patient care through cutting-edge technology.

Larry Anderson, Jr., Chief Commercial Officer of DermaSensor, expressed his gratitude, stating, “Presenting on behalf of the DermaSensor Team at the SXSW Innovation Awards, and receiving this recognition among some of the most innovative Health and Biotech companies was truly an honor. This recognition is well aligned with our mission to empower clinicians with intelligent, objective solutions, leveraging data-driven breakthrough technologies to enhance skin cancer detection and patient care.”

DermaSensor’s innovative approach combines artificial intelligence and data analytics to provide clinicians with reliable, objective real-time skin cancer assessment by harnessing the power of optical spectroscopy technology. DermaSensor aims to make significant strides in improving physicians’ detection of skin cancer and the efficiency of skin cancer related referrals. The recognition at the Health and Biotech 2024 SXSW Innovation Awards reaffirms DermaSensor’s position as a leader in this area of healthcare technology.

About DermaSensor

DermaSensor Inc. is a Miami-based connected medical device company that seeks to enable healthcare professionals to efficiently check for skin cancer by leveraging cutting-edge technologies. The DermaSensor™ device concept is for an affordable handheld tool that uses artificial intelligence and spectroscopy to evaluate skin lesions for potential cancer in a matter of seconds. By enabling quick and effective skin cancer checks, DermaSensor ultimately hopes to improve skin cancer detection and to save lives. 

To speak to a representative of DermaSensor please contact press@dermasensor.com

DermaSensor Crowned by SXSW as the 2024 Innovation Winner for Health and Biotech

DermaSensor Crowned by SXSW as the 2024 Innovation Winner for Health and Biotech