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DermaSensor Announces Major Hires of Chief Commercial Officer, Director of Medical Affairs, Chief Operating Officer

Company Announces Larry Anderson as Chief Commercial Officer, Dr. Vivien Nguyen as Dir. of Medical Affairs, Ryan Freiden promoted to Chief Operating Officer

MIAMI, September 1, 2022, EINPresswire.com — DermaSensor Inc., a health technology company designing non-invasive tools to better equip primary care physicians (PCPs) to detect skin cancer, introduced today new leadership team members to drive commercialization of the DermaSensor device and its spectroscopy technology.

“It gives me great pleasure to introduce Larry Anderson as our Chief Commercial Officer. Larry has extensive commercial experience in the medical device field with a strong track record of successfully building teams and launching new technologies,” said Cody Simmons, DermaSensor’s Chief Executive Officer. Anderson was Vice President of Sales for the venture-backed start-up Acessa Health Inc. (acquired by Hologic Inc.). He has previously held leadership roles in at Ethicon Women’s Health and Urology, Interlace Medical (acquired by Hologic), Hologic, and BG Medical.

“I’m also excited to announce that Dr. Vivien Nguyen has joined DermaSensor as our Director of Medical Affairs, as it will be key for her team to provide effective medical and scientific education and awareness of our first-in-class product to the medical community,” says Simmons. Dr. Nguyen has nearly a decade of experience in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry. She has contributed to the successful launches of new products and indications in various therapeutic areas including dermatology, immunology, rheumatology, and ophthalmology. Previous employers include Incyte, Novartis, Suneva Medical, and OptumRx.

“Skin cancer is a public health crisis. Considering the fact that only 15% of at-risk Americans report ever being screened, it’s clear that patients need additional education on prevention as well as access to physicians with advanced tools that are equipped to detect skin cancer,” said Anderson. “When detected early, the 5-year survival rate for melanoma is 99%. I’m very excited to be a part of this team and launching this amazing product. Most of all, I look forward to saving lives.”

DermaSensor also announces that Ryan Freiden, the company’s long-time VP of Product and Operations, has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer.

“Having led the four-year product development efforts to turn our prior 30-pound, microwave-sized device into our current one-pound, smartphone-sized product, I am hopeful that we will soon be able to equip US physicians with our device as we have been doing abroad,” said Freiden. “I look forward to leading the company’s operational expansion through this next phase of development, and I am very grateful to the investors that have provided a total of $27 million to enable us to execute on our goal of enabling all frontline providers to access our first-in-class, FDA Breakthrough device.”

About DermaSensor

DermaSensor Inc. is a Miami-based connected medical device company that seeks to enable healthcare professionals to efficiently check for skin cancer by leveraging cutting-edge technologies. The DermaSensor™ device concept is for an affordable handheld tool that uses artificial intelligence and spectroscopy to evaluate skin lesions for potential cancer in a matter of seconds. By enabling quick and effective skin cancer checks, DermaSensor ultimately hopes to improve skin cancer detection and to save lives. 

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DermaSensor Announces Major Hires of Chief Commercial Officer, Director of Medical Affairs, Chief Operating Officer

DermaSensor Announces Major Hires of Chief Commercial Officer, Director of Medical Affairs, Chief Operating Officer